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Web Development

We help analyze, validate and build your core online product in stages to minimize risk and maximize revenue. We integrate sales, marketing and business development into every step.

Team Development

No team. No problem. We can use our in-house developers or recruit a team and incubate them within our startup space. This fosters great team culture and a startup attitude required to succeed.

Customer Development

Using common social media and legacy marketing practices we can build focus groups, beta testing groups and turn them into eventual revenue-generating customers.

Business Development

Often startups, as they progress through the usual phases will require specialized attention to certain internal and external conditions that greatly affect their business.

Startup Rocket Launcher (startuprocketlauncher.com)

Introducing Startup Rocket Launcher

One startup each day receives the opportunity to write about anything to the growing list of subscribers. Signup to receive startup stories to your inbox daily. Stories are hand-picked, moderated and will never be published online. Give it a try. For as little as free, startups can get the opportunity to write a compelling story about their startup. $99 will guarantee a published story. We encourage startups to regularly publish stories on our platform. Each day our subscriber list is growing (1000+).


Feature Rich Interface

Guidebook is opinionated. We believe that how-to instructions should be broken into steps. Textual instructions alone aren't good enough—each step must also have photos in a consistent aspect ratio (4:3, the native aspect ratio of consumer digital cameras). People work best when they're given a framework that inspires creativity.

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Fully Customizable

Wikis are useful. Unfortunately, most wikis are difficult to use and harder to organize. Unstructured documentation leads to organizational chaos and inconsistent formatting. Guidebook's elegant presentation makes your content look good from day one. Consistent layouts present instructions clearly—on every page.

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Excelent Service

For every dollar my company invests to increase usability, I receives $10-$100 in benefits

Cooper Black

Chief CEO in Venture Corp.

Priority Support

Testing one user early in the project is better than testing 50 near the end.

Calisto MT

President in Asturias Inc.

First Class Work

The difference between zero and even a little bit of data is astounding.

Cambria Serif

Design Manager in Moldova Systems

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Simple Pricing

$0 Simply Free

  • For small groups
  • 3 Shared Projects
  • 1 Team Member
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Email Support

$9 One Time

  • Pay as you go
  • 10 Shared Projects
  • 4 Team Members
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Plus Phone Support

$90 Monthly

  • Full features
  • 30 Shared Projects
  • 8 Team Members
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Plus Phone Support

Need a special pack?

If your company's needs are larger than any of our plans, let's talk. Get in touch with our support team and we will get something arranged for you.

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